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with 40+ years experience in graphic design, illustration, calligraphy, web design, and marketing.

How to Solve the Biggest Complaint Business Owners Have About Staunton Graphic Designers — guaranteed!

You have a vision for your business and you want a graphic designer to bring your ideas to life. Isn’t that why you want to hire the best Staunton Virginia graphic designer in the first place?

From web design, print design to logos, you want someone to take your vision and turn it into a design that truly reflects your business.

Sounds easy enough in theory, doesn’t it?

But, too often, you may have a sense of what you want, but you haven’t brought it into sharp focus.  You want a professional to help you figure out what’s right for you.

And while graphic design IS all about artistic ability, successful design is about accurately interpreting your artistic vision — not mine.

For that to happen you need to place your trust and your vision in my hands.

Just imagine for a moment …

That you could work with a pro who understood your vision, handcrafted it to your specifications, and created a product that truly reflects what you want.

Kimberly was fantastic to work with in designing our new library logo. She listened to what we were looking for, took all of our opinions into consideration and presented us with a variety of styles and options. Her eye for detail, creativity, professionalism and flexibility made her wonderful to work with. We very much appreciate our new logo and highly recommend KW Graphics and Web!

Diantha McCauley, Library Director, Augusta County Library — Fishersville, VA —February 2017

That’s what I do. Here at KW Graphic and Web, I act as an artistic interpreter for you.


  • Listening
  • Communicating
  • Advising and sharing
  • Implementing

All four of these qualities require consistency in thought, word, and action. And that’s exactly what you get with me.

There are no other harried designers on staff, pulled in different directions all day long.

You get me.

All of me, working one-on-one with you. And that’s critical. You must have the consistency of that one person to follow your project all the way through to its completion.

That’s how your artistic vision comes to life!

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This Is The Single Most Important Element For Successful Graphic Design

By far, the most important component to creating a website or any other promotional material for your business is open, respectful communication.

Without it, your project will seem like one giant headache that will never end!

Right from the start, I discuss my design process with you. We talk about what I need from you and what’s expected of me. There are no gray areas.

By laying a foundation and structuring an agreement upfront, we both have clear expectations and a guide during our time together.

Once that is completed, it’s time to dig in!

  • I listen to what it is you want to create.
  • I ask questions about the vision you want to achieve.
  • I look for concrete avenues that help me fully understand what you want to accomplish. For example, “Is there a design you’ve seen and like?”
  • You and I will review your project in steps and I will get your feedback and suggestions along the way.

We publish only when you are completely satisfied.

Making changes to the design

Yes, changes. Every project has them. The question is, how does your designer handle them?

At KW Graphics and Web, I know that changes are simply a part of the process, and I treat them as such.

Together, we review what’s been created, tweaking and refining as we go. Working in steps is by far the simplest and most effective way to manage your project for both of us!

This keeps communication clear, we stay on track with your vision, and it eliminates overwhelm.

Imagine that!

When You’re Googling “The best graphic designer, Staunton, Virginia”, remember this:

You can find a graphic designer anywhere. Seriously. That’s not the problem.

What you’re really looking for with that search term is this: A professional graphic designer that gets your vision and will implement it.

 You don’t want a lot of stress or extra drama while re-vamping or creating a new website, invitation, or marketing material. In fact, you want a professional who will take the stress OFF of your shoulders and ease you through it.

That’s a big part of my design process. I know that as a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. You’re looking for a professional graphic designer with an excellent eye, a solid work ethic, and who delivers the goods without a lot of hassle.

Welcome to my world!


— Heidi Lanford, The Iris Inn

best graphic designer staunton va

I guarantee you’ll love my no-hassle, easy to work with approach to bringing your vision to life!

Here’s why:

Nine “No Compromise” Promises I Make To Every Client I Work With

  1. I listen to what you want. Then I take what’s inside your head and turn that unique vision into one that truly reflects your voice, your message.
  2. I research your competition. That’s important for creating your own custom brand. You don’t want to copy someone else.
  3. I offer a number of creative solutions for you to choose from. When creating a website, or any other promotional material, it’s incredibly important to have options. That’s why I present you with a carefully chosen slate of ideas for us to discuss. This is how we bring your creative vision into sharp focus!
  4. For logos and art: I design your art so that it’s appropriate for both print and digital media, e.g., Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  5.  I'll save you money! Working with me means I’m always looking for the most cost-effective way to design your project without compromising quality. I’ll share my ideas and strategies. Then you can make an informed decision on how to move forward.
  6. All custom work. That’s a double promise! You always get a distinct brand when you work with me, never cookie-cutter templates. Remember, your brand is how people perceive you. With my custom work, you stand out.
  7. I'll keep your design consistent. I ensure the overall look of your brand captures your vision and ties your projects together with a consistent look.
  8. I'll work with your budget. Sometimes you can’t do everything you want, and that’s okay. I help you prioritize what you need to do now and what can wait while your business grows.
  9. I always deliver. Always. I’ve got your back. I will never leave you hanging. If a project has to be done by a certain date, I’ll meet it.

Let’s get started!

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